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Why choose us?

Well, we know how hard it is to leave your furry friend alone at home while you're away—we "get it". Let's face it, our pets are our babies and we want them to have the best life possible. Leaving them for an extended period of time makes us miss them so much and we start o worry about their well-being.

That's where we come in...literally!

BARK AVENUE, LLC requires proof of Rabies vaccination and Parvo vaccination in puppies but other than that, we promote an all-natural approach to our dog's healthcare with minimal vaccines, great food and exercise!

BARK AVENUE, LLC does not discriminate against any breeds. All breeds welcomed!

Providing excellent customer service to you and having a great visit with your pet is what we are committed to doing.

* Licensed * Insured * Bonded * Professional * Criminal Background Checked * and of course.... we're fun!

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